our mission

our mission


CRUX came into existence from a deep passion and fire to wake society up to the detrimental effects of the meat, dairy, and egg industries.

Established in August of 2018, we opened our doors in Semaphore Park and started as a small coffee shop with a tiny food menu.. over the months we have evolved into Adelaide’s most rule breaking, outspoken, fully vegan restaurant.. not to mention with an entirely gluten-free kitchen.

With a loyal following, a conscious, supportive customer base and fast growing social media, we have found our place creating epic mind blowing “you wouldn’t know it’s vegan” weekend specials, serving you with compassionate customer service, and caffeinating you with the best FiveSenses coffee.

Our mission is simple - to show society how mouth-watering and satisfying ethical food is.
No innocent beings are harmed for our food or drinks. We have morals and ethics, and our actions align with them.

All of our food is prepared intentionally, with love, care, and passion, with an emphasis on whole foods and quality fresh ingredients - as our entire team believes in real food.
We pair that with our creativity and drive for creating unreal vegan “junk-ish” food to appeal to everyone, even the biggest meat lovers - because we need society to see what vegan food can really be.

We hope that our ethics and mission can provoke some thought. We aim to educate in conscious consumption - and to really get people thinking about where their food comes from. Because if we can’t watch exactly how our food is made, why should we be eating it?